FAHA Board

The Flying Acres Homeowners Association Board of Directors is established by the Corporate Bylaws.  It is composed of 9 members with designated officers of the corporation being the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  General Powers of the Board and each officer are enumerated in the Corporate Bylaws.

Nominations for election to the Board of Directors is made be a nominating committee and voted on at the annual meeting.

List of Board Members for 2019

Title Member Name Elected
 President Jeff Miller (253-639-1915)  2012
 Vice President  John Tomlinson (Leone)  2013
 Secretary  Robbi Brousard (Dick)  2012
 Treasurer  Janet Gundlach  even year
 Member  Rex MacLean  
 Member  Mark Owens  2018
 Member  Mike Werner  
 Member  Andy Karmy  2017
 Member  Keith Hendrickson  2017


Past Board Members

Title Member Name Elected 
 Member  Doug Matuska  2012
 Member  Molly Littlefield (Keith)  2012